Lufthansa - Mega Out-of-Home Airport

Hereinspaziert – Westfassde MUC

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Communication at airports is a special and tricky topic. We had the chance to present a concept for Europe’s biggest airport outdoor area at Westfassade (airport Munich).


A 2,100 sqm poster with a 134 meters long carpet coming out of the new Airbus A350, welcoming passengers to Terminal 2. 


„We want to show our special appreciation to the passengers and do so with a wow effect and a wink of the eye – in line with our campaign claim ‚Nonstop you‘’, says Benita Struve, Head of Lufthansa Marketing-Communication.

Katsche for
Kolle Rebbe, Germany (2017)
My part in this project: 
co-concept, copy, co-execution