long story (more or less) short


How it started.
I left my hometown Cologne when I was 15 to an international boarding school in the south of Germany. In 2012, I started studying law in Freiburg and passed my Zweites Staatsexamen (“bar exam”) in Cologne to become a real estate lawyer – after shorter stops in NYC, Beijing and Moscow.

Lawyer Times.
During my nearly 4 years at CMS Hasche Sigle, I advised in various real estate transactions (mid and high cap) and in commercial lease law. I also initiated a program for young law professionals that rocketed us to #1 best rated law firm for young professionals. The program was later extended to every CMS bureau in Germany. But my heart was always beating for all my creative hobbies – and for something, that has more impact on people than a lease contract.

Transformation fast forward.
Made a move towards music as a booking agent – failed – then passed a specialization program for copyright and media law in Munich – became a Legal Counsel at DDBG in Berlin – moved on to a music/crowdfunding startup as a freestyle Head of Marketing – and applied for a writing academy in Hamburg

Professional Creative.
In 2014 – funded by selling my art for the first time – I graduated from „Hamburg School of Ideas“ (Texterschmiede), Germanys leading academy for copywriting. The next year I started teaching “Law for Creatives” and “How to Write Good Copy” at the same institution. I grew from intern to senior at Germanys leading creative agencies (Kolle Rebbe & Philipp und Keuntje) and became a concept/copywriter with a great passion for UX, digital and technology. Premium and sustainable brands have somehow become reoccurring topics in my work. Since May 2018 I am a freelance concept/copy creative and extending my passion for UX and corporate language. 

In the meanwhile…
…I keep my arts going, keep searching, keep my curious eyes open, travel, meet great people, make friends, babies, write poetry, love parcours, soccer, kitesurfing, food, drinks and my girlfriend, who has the same name as a famous sports brand. But that seems like a coincidence. Just like most things in life, that made me really happy.