Lufthansa - Digital Promotion

The Travel Kiosk

From the digital to the real world in just one bite: 


Germans get a taste of someplace new by opening a digital kiosk. Shop owners from Hong Kong, Tokio, Miami and New York were live-streamed to the streets, fairs and malls of Germany. They gave away 10,000 exotic food items to passers-by. This was made possible by a videoconferencing system – designed specifically for the “TravelKiosk” – and an integrated and reprogrammed vending machine that was controlled by a web app, allowing the shop-owners to easily hand out souvenirs from wherever they were.

Katsche for
Kolle Rebbe, Germany (2016/2017)

Katsches part in this project: 

– co-idea of the kiosk (digital-real world)

– UX and execution team